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Beautiful bubble

Julie InJoy



Singing everything

from the 20s to the 80s

with a focus on early Rock’n’Roll

any style - any theme - any holiday!

$100 for one hour of

Pure Entertainment!


SomewhereOverTheRainbowJulie Christen & Tim Stanek
00:00 / 03:51
Straighten Up and Fly RightJulie Christen & Tim Stanek
00:00 / 03:21
Rock You RightJulie Christen - Perfect Alibi
00:00 / 03:54

More recordings coming soon!

When are you coming back? You’re our favorite performer!"

-at least one resident

at every location I go to!

Julie Christen

Hiya!!  *waves ecstatically*

Julie Christen's singing is inspiring and powerful; as playful as it is soulful--classic showtunes dipped into the blues.

Her career as a singer spans over forty years, from choirs in grade school, to the Memphis State University Singers, to rock variety band Perfect Alibi in Tucson in 2007, to retirement homes right here in Memphis.  Her stylistic influences include Judy, Julie, and Barbra (Garland, Andrews, and Streisand), as well as Linda Ronstadt and Kenny Loggins.

Julie enjoys audience participation and is known to get audience members ages

4 – 104 dancing! What motivates her is seeing the smiles, laughter, dancing, and yes, sometimes the tears of the community members whose days become lighter and brighter through the joy of music!!

Julie's charm and exuberant joyfulness have audiences begging for her to return as soon as possible!

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